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Case | Edgerton Studios


Built in 1902, the Arlington Hill Presbyterian Church in the Payne-Phalen neighborhood in St. Paul, Minnesota, sits at the corner of Case and Edgerton streets. When the original congregation outgrew the space it shifted hands, becoming a Korean Church in the 1960's and changing again in the 1990's to house the Contender for the Faith Apostolic Church who closed their doors in November of 2020 in preparation for a new location. Currently under renovation, this fabulous space will house exhibition, classroom and lecture halls in its sanctuary, adding residency accommodations for writers and painters with private apartments and studios in its adjacent garden property. 


Set to begin its programming in 2023, Case | Edgerton Studios is founded by the painters Jessie Fisher and Scott Seebart who plan to develop a curriculum that serves the local community, a lecture program program focused on a critical engagement with material process, philosophy and poetry, along with an exhibition program that will introduce national and international writers, curators, painters and artists from outside of the Twin Cities metro area to the vibrant arts communities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. The church will also house their private studios, art collection and library.