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Case | Edgerton Studios


Case | Edgerton Studios is the current project of painters and educators Jessie Fisher and Scott Seebart who are renovating a former church in St Paul's East Side to house a community garden, interior and exterior classrooms and studios, a small arts library, film and lecture halls and dedicated spaces for artists-in-residence to engage in a thriving community of makers. CE Studios will mix a program of nationally and internationally invited writers and artists from outside of the Twin Cities metro area with local artists while focusing programming on the needs of the community. Built in 1902, the Arlington Hill Presbyterian Church sits at the corner of Case and Edgerton streets across from Wilder Park. After housing both a Korean and Apostolic congregation, CE Studios continues the original intent of the building whose architecture was committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community space.


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Arlington Hills Presbyterian Church 1902

Parker_Juan_Site for Solidarity Murals at CaseEdgerton Studios_1jpeg.jpeg

CE Studios ArtBoards previous announcement board, Sept 2022 featuring work by Kathy Liao

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