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Case | Edgerton Studios


Arlington Hills Presbyterian Church 1902

Founded in 2022, Case | Edgerton Studios is the current project of painters Jessie Fisher and Scott Seebart who are renovating the former church in St Paul's East Side to house community gardens, interior and exterior classrooms and studios, library, life drawing and lecture hall.. The former church announcement board on the corner of Case and Edgerton is currently an exterior project, accessible 24-hours a day, featuring local and national artists on a 2-month rotation to debut new work made specifically for the site. 


JERED SPRECHER small jpeg.jpg

MAY, JUNE 2024
Case Edgerton Studios is proud to present
TO SEE THE SOUND AND HEAR THE SIGHT, a woven image by Tennessee-based painter Jered Sprecher from a series that began in 2020 when Sprecher began disassembling books and cutting the pages into thin strips in order to weave two discrete images together. 'The resulting image and woven object are always surprising. There are revelatory bits of color and shape that peek through and unexpected neighbors that sit next to each other as this new image is formed.' 

TO SEE THE SOUND AND HEAR THE SIGHT, woven book images, 2024

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