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Studio Nong International Sculpture Collective and Residency Program                                                                          

Pictured l-r: 2013 Sunrise-Sunset  Exhibition Opening:
Huang, Gamble, Qin, Fisher, Seebart, He, Urrutia, Nong

Studio Nong is an international collective of artists and educators focusing on figure sculpture with founding members from the GuangXi Arts Institute in Nanning City, China, the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, Missouri, and the Memphis College of Art in Memphis, Tennessee, that divides its time between Southern China and the United States. 


Founding members are: Zhenhai He (GAI), Jigang Qin (GAI), Bangmin Nong (GAI), Shanwu Huang (GAI), and their American counterparts, Jessie Fisher (KCAI), Misty Gamble (KCAI), Scott Seebart, (KCAI/UCM) and Leandra Urrutia (MCA). 

2016-08-13 08.47.23.jpg
2016-07-28 15.07.58.jpg

Jigang Studios and Gallery

SanMin Arts Village


Studio Nong Campus

SanMin Arts Village 

2016-08-15 14.46.56.jpg

Studio Nong Exhibitions

2016-08-08 11.44.07.jpg

Studio Nong 2013

Huayi NiXing Pottery Factory

BangMin Nong Studio Residence

Studio Nong 2016

SanMin Arts Village

Studio Nong

Jigang Studios and Gallery

Studio Nong 2019

SanMin Arts Village

Studio Nong

2016-08-08 15.02.13.jpg

Studio Nong 2015

Memphis College of Art

Kansas City Art Institute

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Studio Nong Residencies 

Studio Nong Assistants

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Studio Nong Excursions

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