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September-October, 2023 at the corner of Case and Edgerton on the East Side of Satn Paul, MN

Cisneros copy.jpg

SHAOLIN, ink on paper, 22x22", 2023

Case Edgerton Studios
is proud to present
by Los Angeles-based painter
Nehemiah Cisneros

Nehemiah Cisneros’ paintings bring to life magnified expressions of humanity through grotesquely exaggerated renderings of authority figures and icons. His work merges the graphic aesthetics of 1990s skateboard graphics with the theatrical scale of Baroque painting from the 1600s. Informed by his experiences of growing up in Mid City Los Angeles, Cisneros utilizes the imagery and history of cultural stereotypes to explore the socio/political relationship between authority and people of color. Cisneros examines how mainstream culture, criminality, and the judicial system affect and continue to fail marginalized communities through his juxtaposition of historical and fictional imagery. Through satire, Cisneros highlights the fetishized worldview news media consumers have become addicted to seeing. Nehemiah received his BFA in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2021 and is the recipient of the New Opportunities Fellowship at UCLA School of Arts and Architecture, where he will complete his MFA in 2024.


by Charlotte Jansen for CONTROL GALLERY, 434 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA

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