Valentine with Moon
Valentine with Milica on Pillow
Scott with Hanging Plant
Tino with King Crimson Shirt
Scott with White Shirt
Scott with Grey Shirt
Tino with Red Star
Milica with Star
Black and white Milica
Scott in Carmine Apartment
Valentine at da Beddi house Catania
Tino with Pillow Scene
Mom with Pillow Scene
Scott with Yellow Kimono
Milica with Lace Collar
Milica with Purple Wig
Tino in downtown Catania Palazzo
Anna with Striped Dress
Valentine with Obie
Anna with Purple Scarf, oil on gesso pan
Valentine with Lavender Shadows,
tino on pillow-
scott on panel
Megan with Jade Plant
Valentine at night in studio
Tiny Portrait
Kate on Saturdays
Kate on Saturdays
Kate on Saturdays
Tino as Adam
Scott at the Pietrolo House
Molly with Obie
Molly with Flower
Candida in Kansas City
Study for Head of Nymph
Study for Head of Nymph
Molly Profile
Molly in Kansas City Studio
Molly with Earing
Tino in Trastevere Apartment
Scott Asleep