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"Realities" - Jessie Fisher at LoRiver Arts Gallery


September 13 - October 26, 2003 

Prepare to be dazzled and allured into Fisher's dark psychological spaces and illusions of mythological landscapes. In a world where the photograph has become the ultimate means of expressing what is seen, Fisher's paintings, utilize the symbolic element of creatures of deformity - a metaphor of higher knowledge, one that has been given information that forever changes the way which they perceive the world. Fisher's creatures exist in a world of understanding drenched in sublimity. A small white creature with one tooth, innocently cradles a walnut. An adolescent, sheep-like creature, with an enlarged phallus, gently bound in a white sheath with a yellow ribbon, coyly looks out to the audience. A female figure, naked, except for underwear with pink fringe, poses next to a calf-like creature who, like the figure, has a decorated and roomy behind.

Fisher's work is as traditional as it is subversive, and was once described so accurately as, "Hymns sung with dirty words." The viewer becomes the voyeur into this strange world and yet is denied by the paintings themselves, as they ultimately reveal nothing but their beauty. The painting, in turn, shows itself to us as it wishes to be seen and not as it really exists.


Jessie Fisher, in her first solo show in the New York area, provides us with a truly rare treat.

Gallery hours: Thursday - Monday, 11 - 5pm.

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