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SunSet|SunRise: Work from Studio Nong
Memphis College of Art- Hyde Gallery
January 8th - February 6th, 2016
Gallery Talk Saturday February 6th, 3pm

An exhibition of work created during the Studio Nong 2015 Residency 

Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO | Memphis College of Art, Memphis, TN




Studio Nong is an international collective of artists and educators from the GuangXi Arts Institute in Nanning, China, the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, Missouri, and the Memphis College of Art in Memphis, Tennessee, that divides its time between Southern China and the United States. Founding members and exhibitors are: Professor Zhenhai He (GAI), Professor Jigang Qin (GAI), Associate Professor Bangmin Nong (GAI), Lecturer Shanwu Huang (GAI) and their American counterparts, Associate Professor Jessie Fisher (KCAI), Assistant Professor Misty Gamble (KCAI), Lecturer Scott Seebart (KCAI) and Associate Professor Leandra Urrutia (MCA). The collective, who have worked together in QinZhou, China (2013), Memphis, TN (2015) and Kansas City, MO (2015), are preparing for their third residency program, this year held at the Studio Nong Studios in Jingde Zhen and Nanning City, China. Together with interns and students, this groups creates work that reflects their shared interest in figurative sculpture through the expansive lens of the diverse cultural and material traditions within the group. The exhibition, SunSet|SunRise: Work from Studio Nong, features work completed while in residence at the Memphis College of Art and the Kansas City Art Institute and will next travel to Weinberger Fine Art in Kansas City, MO in conjunction with the upcoming NCECA conference.




WKNO 91.1 Memphis Interview with Studio Nong

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